Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY: Circus Animal Favors

For our baby shower last month, I was stuck on the idea of gold circus animal favors. I looked every where in stores and online, but couldn't find anything that I really liked, so i decided to make my own. 

Step 1: My first task was to buy novelty animal toys. Much to my surprise, I couldn't find them locally. I checked toy and party stores, but found nothing. I ended up buying them from this online store. I got a great deal and they shipped my order right away. I was thrilled!
Step 2: Separate your animals and only pick the circus related ones. The package came with many assorted animals that were not circus related. I used the elephants, giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions and hippos. 

Step 3: Use a saw or sharp knife to cut all the legs off. Cut the figure like the photo above or you can use the whole thing, depending on the size of your cap.
Step 4: Use E6000 glue to stick your circus animal bust to the cap of your favor jar. You can buy this type of glue at any craft or hardware store. It works wonders every time. I bought my favors jars from DTLA, but you can purchase them at any party store like this one.

Step 5: Spray paint your caps. With all the metallic gold spray paints out there, it was hard to decide which shade to use. The shade I used was the Krylon Brillant Gold. This blog from Chris Loves Julia had a great post on "which gold spray paint is best", I found it very helpful.
Step 6: Personalizing your favors. I went with the carnival ticket look. You can trace a ticket and scan it in or you can download it from a clip art website like this one. The rest was done in photoshop. You can design your layout any way you want, if you are looking for font ideas, you can download them from online font resources such as Da Font

Step 7: Filling in your favors. Since this was a baby shower theme, I used these Pastel Pillow Mints. They matched my color story and looked great. Any party supply store should carry various small candy you can use in your favors. Or another great idea would be to fill up your favors with confetti. Just a thought. Also you will need ribbon or twine for the tags. You can find that at any craft store.
The favors were a hit at the shower. I liked that idea of recycling them and using them for other purposes. One of my friends is using them to store spices, I love that! 

Again, here is a list of some of the stores you can purchase all these supplies from:

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