Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miami Week

This picture pretty much sums up my trip to Miami last month. Clear skies & beautiful palm trees.
I definitely spent more time at the beach this time around. I was just happy that I was able to soak up some sun and go the beach in my Marc Jacobs one piece floral swimsuit. I feel in love with it immediately and decided to live in it my whole stay there. 
There is something lovely about this lifeguard shack, it must of be the colors.
One of our last days at the beach. . . . . . . . . .
As I mentioned before on an older post, for some reason the color pink always reminds me of Miami, it must be all the Florida flamingos right? I love these hotel buildings. The color, the architecture and how they look like they are hovering on top of these palm trees. They feel nostalgic. 
The Viceroy Miami is my favorite hotel to stay at. The only drawback is that it is located in Downtown Miami, which is about a 25 minute taxi cab ride to the beach. On the other hand it is perfect if you just want to experience the night life.
This is the first picture I took after checking into my hotel. Isn't she lovely? She looks like sitting on the edge of the pool. The buildings in the back are the perfect backdrop to this picture too!

Here is a list of some really great places that I would recommend for future Miami visitors.



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