Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take me away...

Me and my husband have been thinking about taking a vacation soon. Our three year wedding anniversary is coming up and I would love to take it around that time. For the past few years our vacations have been taken in Mexico. We always have a good time there. This year, however, we are planning on crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some spots that I have in mind so far......
St. Lucia is one of my top choices. I guess our decision is going to come down to Island vs. City? Too be honest I wouldn't mind relaxing on the beach with a great cocktail. This could be paradise.
Oh Paris. Everyone must visit this city one day, right? Maybe for me it will be this year.
Morocco, I have been wanting to visit this country ever since I was a kid. I am in love with their colorful architecture, beautiful textiles, handmade costume jewelry, rich food and culture.
Venice is also on top of our list. This romantic city will be perfect for our third honeymoon.

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