Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ballet Flats: a love story

Decisions, decisions,  I can't seem to find the perfect pair ballet flats. I've been shopping around for over a month now, but I can't seem to narrow it down to just one pair. When it comes to shoes, I tend to shy away from the trendy styles and almost always try to stay with the classic styles, you can never go wrong this way.
I love all kinds of shoes, including heels, boots, loafers, but I've always been a ballerina flat shoe kinda girl.
Maybe I watched Funny Face way too many times as a young girl. Who can ever forget Audrey's "beatnik" costume? I definitely can't, I loved the black skinny pants and ballet flats that she wore in this film. I became so charmed with her look, which then lead to my "Audrey Hepburn Complex", just like the song. Her style was simple, but yet so chic. And of course, you can't complete a look without the perfect pair of shoes.

And so far, these are some of my favorite ballet flats. I wonder which ones Audrey would wear if she was here today.

1.  "Vamante" by Belle
2. "Vegasss" by Steve Madden
3. "Classic Leopard" by J Crew

Images from top to bottom: Vogue 1944Style CasterThe Daily Pump

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